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About​ Us

        The Horse Dream's goal is to connect Horse Dreamers with the steps and encouragement to make The Horse Dream a reality. Through our online tools such as the forum, as well as real-life tools like, The Horse Dream Journal, we offer you the opportunity to learn, teach, encourage, and be encouraged within our community. Our community and tools are for all walks of life, and we encourage Owners and Dreamers alike to join us in a friendly environment. You can make The Horse Dream your Reality and we are here to help and encourage you.

      Our First Product, The Horse Dream Journal, offers dreamers the best first steps in starting their journey. It helps to organize your thoughts and desires, and it prepares you for owning your first horse. There is no "one size fits all" situation in the horse world, so the journal walks you through many topics to get you prepared. The journey to owning a horse is not easy, but it will be worth it when you own your first horse!

About the Owners
Mellissa Vergason and her horse, Azlinn

Mellissa Vergason

        The owner of The Horse Dream knows first-hand what it is like to struggle being a Horse Dreamer. Her dream to own a horse started at a very young age. While she was on a family trip to see her grandparents in Germany, they took her on a pony ride. Everyone says that since that day at age 5 years old she has had a passion for horses. But the journey to owning a horse was much harder than Mellissa ever thought. As a preteen and teenager, she started learning more about horses and decorating her bedroom full of horse posters. Mellissa knew her parents couldn't afford lessons let alone a horse. She learned early on that the only way was to save the money herself. Several years went by and she learned that it was going to take more than just a part-time job while she was in high school. Mellissa knew that her dream would only become her reality on her own - as an adult. When she realized no one really cared to help, teach, or let her work with horses, she created her YouTube channel. It started as just an outlet for her feelings but it quickly grew into something more. Mellissa started to find that there were other horse dreamers just like her in the world. She worked 8-12 hour shifts once she graduated, saving as much as she could.

        By the year 2015 Mellissa knew it was now or never as she approached her savings goal. In June 2015 she finally found a mentor who helped her find her first horse, Azlinn, a Grulla quarter horse born in 2007. As she learned her horse's behavior, likes, and dislikes, she felt she could help other dreamers be more prepared for what may come when owning a horse. Originally she started writing a fictional series using a lot of the experiences she had on her Journey. Her true passion is to help others, however, so when she came up with The Horse Dream Journal she halted writing the fictional book series to create this Journal. There wasn't much out there to help horse dreamers, and Mellissa feels this journal and The Horse Dream will help Dreamers more than the fictional series ever will.



         The head of Human Resources was born on March 25th, 2007. Don't let her age fool you, she selectively picked and is continuously training her human. The Horse Dream made her head of HR for that reason. She keeps you on your toes and makes her human a better owner. She is a huge part of The Horse Dream. Azlinn and the owner have not known each other all their lives, but both feel as though they were meant for each other. When Mellissa gave her a chance and told her she'd never leave her, Azlinn felt at home, and ever since then they have been an inseparable team.

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