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There are plenty of other “how to convince your parents to buy you a horse” videos and articles. You’ve probably watched and read them all. But what they don’t tell you is there are other ways to own a horse. If you are interested in thinking a different way to go about this dilemma keep on reading!

If you are a parent or friend reading this, your child or friend has probably talked about horses at some point. They've research about horses and have watch those videos titled "how to convince your parents to buy a horse." But your child or friend wants to do more than convince you. They want your encouragement and to feel like they're getting somewhere in making The Horse Dream their reality.

So, here’s the Top 3 ways to help a horse dreamer other than buying a horse.

1.) Listen to them. Yes, I know they go on and on and on. Listen with full attention. I know they keep repeating themselves but let me tell you what not listening can do. When a dreamer starts to get tuned out or even told not to talk about horses, they start to feel discourage and think their dream is worthless or impossible to achieve. You may know nothing about horses and may even have no desire to learn, but you don't have to learn everything. Just listening can do wonders for a horse dreamer.

2. Start learning a few things here and there. They might grow out of this phase, but what if they don't, because most don’t. You have a huge impact on how they grow. So if they start talking about this cool video they saw of an event where the riders or horses did such and such, then they bring it up again tomorrow, take time to either have them show you or research what they are talking about. So the next day you can come back with "yea, did you know this about it?" or "have you seen this video?" Get excited with them, be a facilitator. Let them know you’re not just listening but investing in their hopes and dreams that doesn't cost money directly.

The Horse Dream Journal: Year One

3.) Be honest while encouraging them. After hitting a point of realization that I wasn't going to stop talking about and wanting horses, my dad decided to tell me to research how much owning a horse costs, knowing I'd get hit with a reality check as I was 15 years old without a steady income. My parents couldn't afford a horse, but they did little things here and there that were great reminders that I could make this happen. Whether it's financial reasons or maturity/knowledge reasons, be encouragingly honest. Just because you can't afford a horse now, doesn't mean they can't make The Horse Dream their reality, in their future. If you feel like right now they aren't ready to own a horse, that doesn't mean they won't mature or gain knowledge as time goes on. Whatever the case, The Horse Dream Journal is perfect for them. They'll learn to budget and why it’s important while learning how to be a responsible horse owner.

I hope this has helped horse dreamers, friends, and parents feel more confident in helping their horse dreamer without buying a horse for them. The feeling you get when you finally make the horse dream your reality is insane and I want to help y'all make it happen!

Philippians 2:4 Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

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Learn how to make The Horse Dream Your Reality with tips and tricks to prepare you for owning a horse and encourage you through the journey.
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